ABOUT 要女主下面夹东西的污文

Of course, Jiang Qianxue was an intelligent woman—she did not dig for the truth. She remembered her position as the girlfriend, she should accept whatever her boyfriend gave her, so she chose a few pieces that she liked.


To be honest, the Galaxy Aristocrats seemed very impressive on the surface but were actually very lonely. They did not have many friends as most people barely dared to talk to them, much less joke with them.


Of course, that was the problem. Everyone was nervous as Jiang Qianxue was with Hong Dali. If she found out that Hong Dali was the super genius that would be the end of the world!


God, don’t tell me that this bird needed to be fed with alien cores!? Who could afford to raise it? One core cost as much as 60,000 Galaxy Dollars!


However, people were sure to get annoyed if they were just going to sit around and wait. Just as everyone was getting bored, a loud and arrogant laugh was heard. Hahahaha. What is happening here? Everyone is gathered here? Since Im here, all of you, scram! Dont be an eyesore!


At this time, the third young man smiled and said, I dont think you all know about this? I have a pet store on level seventy-one. It earns perhaps just ten thousand every month. Ive been wanting to sell it but could not find a buyer. Today, I heard that Hong Dali was buying shops that were making a loss, so I asked the manager to approach Hong Dali. I told him to pretend that he was the owner and that he was going bankrupt. And we really sold the shop. The agreement has already been signed! He even rounded the amount up. Haha. Its too funny!

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When he went up against Feiyun the last time, he knew that although he was an heir-to-be of a big family, against Galaxy Aristocrats and Honorary Aristocrats, he was still too weak!


En, first, in order to advance, there are two ways. First, pass level twenty-four of the Tower of Trials and become a yellow-level Honorary Aristocrat. But it would be tough within 1.5 months. The other way is to wait for the assessment test to challenge a yellow-level Honorary Aristocrat. There are risks in this option, and Im not confident. If it were doing business, I could follow and earn a little.


Ah, we Hong Dali hurriedly replied. we are at the Savage Rose Tavern. How did your training go?


Thats great! Hong Dali opened his eyes wide. You finally understand what an infatuated fool you were? You dont even know the other partys looks, gender or anything and already you like him. You were a love-struck infatuated fool. Its an illness, it must be treated!


Swish Just as Jiang Qianxue was thinking, a door suddenly appeared behind her out of thin air.


“That’s right.” Following behind him, Ao Ran nodded and said, “This kind of strength is really… Terrifying!”


“Wahahaha!” Mister Gate roared with laughter. His voice was so loud the roof of the pawnshop shook. “I have another family member now. Wahahaha!”



“Brat, you must have many secrets,” Tang Long said, troubled. “However, I am an AI butler and cannot interfere too much with your matters. All right, what do you intend to do with these top-grade gems? Sell them?”



Her dream lover was a hero with an indomitable spirit and one day, he would be stepping on a seven-colored cloud to come and marry her…


To Jiang Qianxue, everything she did was for the sake of her first meeting with the almighty genius in the future, in order to leave the best impression.


“Oh? Tend shops? Well, okay.” Mister Gate only thought for one second before agreeing. “Let’s go now. Right,” he glanced at Mister Eagle Eye, “you come with me too. If you want to fight, we can fight there!”

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